Man and Universe

Man and Universe.jpg
Penulis (Author) : Badiuzzaman Said Nursi
Genre: Islam, Religion, Cosmology,
Tarikh Tamat (Date Finished) : 2 May 2017
Rating: 4 / 5

Found this gem at the book fair for a mere rm3 during the weekends and finishes this off first. Would continue with the ‘technical’ book later.

. Some points:-

1. Philosophy is ‘useful’ as long as it does not ‘defy’ religion. I feel the author’s view on philosophy has a bit of similarity with Muhammad Iqbal, albeit with less depth.

2. The metaphysical view on particles and its behaviour. His point is that the atoms begin its motion with words of glorifying Allah and ends with supplication to Him and it goes from there.

3. Arguments against Materialists.

4. The Universe as a whole as the manifestation of the Creation’s Powers.

5. Men as ‘mirror’ of the Divine Names of the Creator, al-Asma’ul Husna.

6. Men as a centre and pivot of the whole universe.

7. An interesting point is being noted about the level of things. I have read this statement by up to 5 people at least (Iqbal, Hamka, Rumi, Nassim Taleb and now Said Nursi). What I meant as level of things is this.

‘ motion in elements > degree of minerals > motion of minerals > rank of vegetable life > motion in vegetable life > degree of finesse of animal life > human life > brain and the heart ‘

This particular statements is not understood fully by me and nor would I try to interpret it. Does it refer to evolution? Or the rank of particles/elements? Or the level of consciousness in creation?

Safe to say, it is one I don’t know the answer to.

Further elaboration in Goodreads:-

P/s:- Tbh, my first read on Said Nursi’s works and I like it. One of the revelations of this year’s bookfair. 2016 was a year for ‘Happiness’ and Hamka. 2017 might be the year for Said Nursi and ‘Light upon Light ‘.


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